I am a Champion

I was convering the Lenoir City vs. Maryville high school game for the local newspaper last weekend. I typically try to get a shot of the team running through the banner but I was looking for something a little different this night. So I thought I would shoot the team as they walked arms locked from the locker room to the field. Bad decision – really dark and no good angle that would allow me to get the players and the stadium (maybe earlier in the season with the evening sun it would have been a nice shot).

With my plans crushed, I followed the team up on the field and thought I would shoot the balloon release for Breast Cancer Awareness. Then I saw it. That magical light that happens just after the sun has set. The loud speaker was playing the pregame speech “I am a Champion” and the team was starting their pregame routine before they run onto the field. I got low, exposed for the sky, and popped a little fill flash into the scene. I took a quick peek at the image – oh my, that is awesome. Get lower, change angles, keep shooting, and try to avoid getting run over!! As I walked back to my bag to switch gear around and get ready for the start, I started chimping through the images. I was excited. I even got a couple of cheerleaders to pose quickly before the light was gone.

All that to say this. When you’re shooting and things aren’t going exactly how you planned, don’t stop looking. Change you angle, get low, go wide, go tight, and always look behind you the best shot may be right there. God gave us a short glimpse at his magestic creation that night as the sun set and I must say I am glad I was there to see it.

Hope you enjoy the pics!!